Help keep Mom’s Pantry’s doors open
The Importance of Partnership

Donations of food allow Mom’s Pantry to alleviate hunger. We are so grateful for every pound we receive. But the food would go to waste without people to prepare and distribute it, trucks to transport it, and a safe place to store it. As our organization grows, so do the costs of acquiring, storing, and moving food; the “overhead and administrative” costs. This is where our Pantry Partners step up.

Pantry Partners donate money to cover the cost of all overhead expenses at Mom’s Pantry. The money they provide pays for electricity to run our coolers, fuel and maintenance for our vehicles, marketing costs, salaries, and supplies.

We break the year down into 365 donations of $470, each donation representing the operational costs for a single day. As these partnership donations arrive, we are able to cover our overhead for a single year, investing 100% of any additional donations to direct hunger relief.

It is a powerful statement to tell potential funders and grant makers that our overhead is paid for by our partners. Won’t you join our daily supporters to maximize our ability to feed hungry people?