Thank you for your interest in hosting a food drive for Mom’s Pantry!

Mom’s Pantry does all the heavy lifting. We deliver the food bins, flyers and a poster to your location. When the bins begin to fill up we will come pick up the food to provide room for more donations! At the end of the food drive we pick up any remaining food or hygiene items, the bins and poster. We like to take a picture of the food and any key people from your organization involved with the drive. All donations are weighed as they come in. Once the food drive is over, we post the photo along with the weight on social media to show all the businesses who participate in helping the community! Your location must be within 25 miles of Mom’s Pantry.

Here are some ways to help make the food drive a success and build community:

  • Compete between departments or classrooms to bring in the most items or weight
  • Create a point system for different items: peanut butter = 2pt, tuna = 3 pt etc
  • Collect and build something out of the items brought in and judge on structural integrity and creativity
  • Focus on only 1 to 3 items on the food drive list
  • Set a goal weight or item count and track your progress
  • Don’t have time to shop, donate financially and receive a tax credit: $400 for single, $800 for couples

Incentive Ideas

  • Gift Cards
  • Casual Dress day
  • Covered Parking
  • Extra Credit point for schools
  • Ice Cream, courtesy of Mom’s Pantry for the winning team or class up to 30 people

To give you a little background on us, Mom’s Pantry was established in 2013 by a local generous family whose heart was focused on feeding those in need. In the past fiscal year, we provided over 10,00 households with over 275,500 pounds of food. Since then the numbers of families we feed each month increases. Mom’s Pantry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Unless otherwise designated, 100% of donated funds are used towards the supply food and hygiene items for distribution to our guests.

Depending on the type and size of the business, food drives can last anywhere from 1 week to 2 months. To begin, we need the following information:

Drop Off Date (Tues – Fri)*
Pick Up Date (Tues – Fri)*