One family at a time: Feed a family for the month
Gifts from the Heart
to Feed THE Body and Soul

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  • Canned Vegatables

    Canned Vegetables are easy to prepare and have a long shelf life. Each bag contains at least one can of green beans or corn. Our guests can use it as a side or add it to a meal.

    1–48 Count Case $12.96 Give Today
  • 50-pound Bag of Fresh Rice

    Your gift of $17.95 buys one 50-pound bag of rice. We repackage the food into smaller bags, making them important staples in our family packs of food relief. A 50-pound bag can feed up to 100 families!

    1-50 lb. Bag $17.95 Give Today
  • Case of Mac & Cheese

    Mac & Cheese is a staple in many homes especially with kids! Last year, we gave out over 19,000 boxes of Mac & Cheese.

    1-24 Count Case $10.00 Give Today
  • Can of Protein

    Protein is essential for everyone's health. Mom’s Pantry provides protein through canned tuna and peanut butter. An average of 310 cans/jars are provided to those in need each weekend.

    1-48 Count Case $36.00 Give Today
  • Case of Canned Soup

    At least one can of soup is provided to each family when they visit Mom’s Pantry. It’s great for lunch or it can be doctored up with more noodles or rice to make a large meal to feed the whole family. In 2018, 20,000 cans of soups were distributed.

    1–24 Count Case $12.00 Give Today
  • Pasta and Sauce

    Mangia, Mangia! Each family receives pasta and pasta sauce at each visit! It’s a great meal for the family whether you’re Italian or not! The fresh bread we give out goes great with it! The combined items are only $1.70.

    1 Pasta/Sauce $1.70 Give Today
  • Fresh Produce

    Fresh produce is an important part of a nutritious diet. With your gift, we are able to time our purchases to get fruits and vegetables in fresh, ripe condition to feed our hungry neighbors. Currently, our budget only allows up to $100 to be distributed over 200 families each weekend. We would love to increase this and provide more produce.

    1 Weekend $100.00 Give Today
  • Bag of Pet Food

    Many of our guests have cats and/or dogs which are also in desperate need of food. Due to county regulations, we lost our pet food donation and only receive a few pounds each month.

    1 Bag of Pet Food $20.00 Give Today
  • Dairy Contribution

    Currently, dairy is only provided when donated and often times, these are so close to expiration that it won’t last very long. We are seeking funds to able to provide milk and yogurt on a regular basis! We do have a dairy connection and are able to purchase these items at wholesale prices! The goal is to collect at least $300 per month toward dairy products.

    1 Monthly Contribution $300.00 Give Today